RMIT Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

Graduate Exhibition

Online Exibition from the

18th of November to 18th of December


RMIT Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition

The RMIT Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts graduate exhibition AMENDED 2020 is going online from the 18th of November.


AMENDED 2020 references the years changes, not just throughout our Visual Arts course, but throughout the world as a result of COVID-19. Instead of being in the studios, the art this year has been made from the artist's homes from their tables and desks. This unprecedented change has resulted in a wealth of experimentation from multidisciplinary artists across the many differing artforms explored in the course including painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, animation and digital. We invite you to join us and celebrate the students who worked so hard to overcome the challenges of this year.

Welcome to AMENDED 2020, please enjoy.

Exhibition file -Angus Gregurke _untitle
Starved for touch III

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